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January 1, 2008 Crew Resource Management

Liberty Gazette
January 1, 2008

The View From Up Here
By Mike Ely and Linda Street-Ely

There are all sorts of “buzzwords” out there these days. Mostly in business but in any part of society really. I find myself using them without thinking sometimes. However, I really would just like to talk plainly most of the time and prefer people do that with me. One of the buzzwords in aviation these days is CRM which can either mean Cockpit Resource Management or Crew Resource Management. Resource management is the key here. Manage those resources well and you've got not only a successful outcome but an improvement in your overall performance from the last task you completed. Manage them poorly and you could have a catastrophe.

In a cockpit where there is just one pilot, it means that pilot keeps all their ducks in a row and keeps it organized in such a way as the flight is completed without incident, even if some abnormality arises which if you fly long enough, it will. In a cockpit with two or more pilots, it means working well as a team almost like you are one unit. When I train pilots whether in a single engine airplane or a corporate jet, resource management is one of the key areas we try to develop in students. Conflicts in personality can pose a great danger if they are not managed properly. Emphasis is placed on what’s right, not who’s right.

The captain of the aircraft must be a good facilitator, seeking ways to use all the resources, experience and other strong points in every crew member to exact a performance that meets and exceeds the standards set for their particular task at the time. There are standards and if one member of the team does not meet those standards, the other team members need to make up for that and find a way to bring the lagging crew member’s performance up to standard in the process. Management by intimidation is a poor and ineffective way to manage the cockpit or a business or public entity for that matter. The leader must remember it isn't about him/her, it is about getting the job done right. If you want to be a good leader, value others as more important than yourself and treat them accordingly and remember you are not entitled to anything.

Linda: I’d like to take this end-of-year opportunity to publicly thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the future of the Liberty Municipal Airport. Fellow Airport Advisory members, Mayor and City Council, city staff, members of the media, and of the general public who have shown interest, encouraged, and participated this year in working toward a bright future for aviation in Liberty: Thank you. It is our sincere hope that great strides will be made in 2008 and beyond to bring the airport up to standards and begin to realize the great economic and social benefits that are possible with a thriving airport.

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a prosperous 2008!

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